Health, safety and the environment

We aim to create a work environment and conduct our activities in such a way that nobody comes to harm as a result of that work, whether they be your employees, visitors, clients or members of the public.

We have implemented clear policy and strive to continually improve and implement Health and Safety management systems that are consistent with the Health and Safety Executive recognised management system.

We consider the following core fundamentals must exist to form an effective health and safety management system:


  • Clear and consistent policies across the company


  • Clear management processes, responsibility and accountability for health and safety
  • Clear communication, consultation and cooperation exists at all levels
  • Continually develop the competence of our employees in line with best industry standards

Planning and Implementation

  • Maintain clear, effective and consistent risk control systems for all activities
  • Established thorough and clear management arrangements

Measuring Performance

  • Effective active and reactive monitoring systems
  • Concise analysis of performance results
  • Accountable and recorded outputs and analysis

Auditing and Reviewing Performance

  • Continual and formal review of the entire management system in line with current best practice and legislative standards


We believe that businesses play a central role un contributing to the challenges of sustainable development and must take responsibility for their impacts and risks.

We are committed to clear policies and management systems which will enable us to continually:

  • Improve environmental impacts by seeking to reduce our waste, emissions, energy and other raw materials
  • Constantly seek new technologies and processes
  • Develop our operations in a way to help reduce our carbon footprint




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