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About Bardon Environmental

Bardon Environmental is one of the UK’s leading Asbestos abatement companies. We specialise in the safe removal and treatment of asbestos in industrial, commercial and domestic locations. Granted a 3-year Licence by the Health and Safety Executive and approved by the HSI in Jersey to work with Licensed Asbestos.

Bardon Environmental also hold ISO9001:2015 for Quality Assurance.

Whether you require an asbestos building survey, analysis of suspect materials, removal / treatment of asbestos containing materials on your premises, or UKATA approved asbestos awareness and non-licensed training for your staff and operatives, Bardon Environmental can meet your needs.

Our clients include…


We deliver the area back to the client on time with the minimum of fuss.

Managing Asbestos and Policy Statements

Asbestos Management Policy - We can visit your premises, assess your existing documentation and assist in writing new policies

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Asbestos Training

UKATA approved training courses available either at your premises or at our in-house dedicated training suite.

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Asbestos Surveys

Our Consultancy Division provides an exemplary asbestos survey, sampling and analysis service.

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Asbestos Removal and Treatment

No other Licensed Contractor can boast the wealth of professionalism and level of expertise our organisation offers.

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Health, safety and the environment

We aim to create a work environment and conduct our activities in such a way that nobody comes to harm as a result of that work, whether they be your employees, visitors, clients or members of the public.

We have implemented clear policy and strive to continually improve and implement Health and Safety management systems that are consistent with the Health and Safety Executive recognised management system.

We consider the following core fundamentals must exist to form an effective health and safety management system:

  • 1 Policy
    • Clear and consistent policies across the company
    • Clear management processes, responsibility and accountability for health and safety
    • Clear communication, consultation and cooperation exists at all levels
    • Continually develop the competence of our employees in line with best industry standards
    • Maintain clear, effective and consistent risk control systems for all activities
    • Established thorough and clear management arrangements
    • Effective active and reactive monitoring systems
    • Concise analysis of performance results
    • Accountable and recorded outputs and analysis
    • Continual and formal review of the entire management system in line with current best practice and legislative standards
  • We believe that businesses play a central role un contributing to the challenges of sustainable development and must take responsibility for their impacts and risks.

    We are committed to clear policies and management systems which will enable us to continually:

    • Improve environmental impacts by seeking to reduce our waste, emissions, energy and other raw materials
    • Constantly seek new technologies and processes
    • Develop our operations in a way to help reduce our carbon footprint

We are fully licenced by HSE to work with asbestos

We are a member of ARCA and are UKAS certified


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Meet the team

Dr Simon Houghton

Technical & Compliance Director

Lisa Richardson

Executive Assistant

Andrew Crookes

Contracts Manager

Bradley Jarvis

Contracts Manager

Kirk Smith

Consultancy and Business Development Manager

Karina Harwood

Senior Consultancy Administrator

James Webber

Bid Writer

Nicky Phillips

Operations Manager

Denis Van Der Vliet

Jersey Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Us

Sheffield office

Bardon Environmental Ltd
Office 4 Brearley House
6 Fox Valley Way
S36 2AE


0114 349 7400

Jersey office

Bardon Environmental Ltd
c/o 21 Seafield Avenue
La Route de St. Aubin
St Helier


01534 748759